Why you should still invest in in-person meetings in the wake of remote working

group of people having a meeting in an spacious meeting room

Zoom and Teams have become staples for daily business interactions, and this even extends to events, conferences, and meetings. Although remote working has numerous pros, the benefits of face-to-face meetings and events are unbeatable. As screens consistently dominate our everyday working lives, we want to discuss why you should still invest in in-person conferences and events in 2024 to get the best results out of your day.

5 reasons why you should choose in-person conferences

Just because digital working has become the norm, doesn’t mean that we aren’t missing out on valuable aspects of in-person events, conferences and meetings. Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider ditching the screen:

Face-to-face meetings vs. virtual meetings

Every type of event has its pros and cons, so it’s all about choosing the right one for you. Here’s a quick hit list of the benefits and disadvantages of each, so you know what you should consider before you get to work planning.

In-person meeting


  • Better engagement leading to better work
  • Networking opportunities
  • Build trust and a reputation in the field
  • Greater team bonding and motivation
  • Better way to showcase your work


  • Needs more planning
  • Need to pay for venue

Virtual events


  • Greater reach
  • Flexibility
  • Lower cost


  • Lack of human interaction
  • Not as productive and insightful
  • No chance for your guests to connect
  • Technology issues
  • Security risks

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