Meet the Team – Ellie Bull

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Ellie Bull, Head of BD & Marketing, CCT Venues London

Meet Ellie Bull, our Head of Business Development & Marketing

Ellie Bull joined CCT Venues in 2017. Here’s what she had to say about working for CCT Venues:

How much experience do you have in the industry?

“I’ve worked in an events role (in one form or another) for 7 years now.”

Why do you enjoy working in the events industry/ what inspired you to work in the events industry in the first place?

“I enjoy the process of bringing people together and creating a positive experience for them. I’d always enjoyed hosting events in my personal life, so it felt like an obvious choice in terms of looking at which industry to go into.”

What motivates you in your job?

“I’m motivated by creating positive experiences for our clients and by building strong relationships with them.”

What’s different about CCT Venues compared to other venues?

“The fact we are still a relatively small and independent company, it allows us to be super flexible and tailor our offering to meet our clients’ specific needs.”

Final thoughts…

“I pride myself on having extremely good relationships with our clients, which is essential in order to exceed clients’ expectations. You need to have a good relationship with clients in order to truly understand what they are aiming to achieve and to gain a true insight into their needs.”

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