London Venue & Catering Awards 2021

The London Venue & Catering Awards were set up to recognise and reward London-based venues that have achieved remarkable things and demonstrated effective adaptability.

The three London Venue & Catering Awards that we have been shortlisted for are:

  • Best Venue Leadership During Covid-19
  • Best Community Support During Covid-19
  • Best Catering at a London Venue

Best Venue Leadership During Covid-19 Award

The global pandemic created many challenges for the events industry, resulting in it being one of the toughest periods we have had to endure. Rather than battening down the hatches and waiting for the Covid-19 storm to pass, we were determined to stay open, both for the sake of our loyal, hardworking staff and also to help out with the fight against the pandemic as much as we could.

Due to our strong leadership, hard work and determination, we managed to successfully navigate our way through, with as many jobs in tact as possible. So we are very thankful that we have been recognised for our leadership during Covid-19.

Best Community Support During Covid-19 Award

We had to invest a lot of time and money in order to ensure our venues were Covid-Secure before reopening, but this demonstration of competency put us in a good position to contribute to a range of projects that were instrumental in the fight against Covid-19.

These projects included assisting with the vital Covid-19 vaccination roll out by hosting over 2,500 St John Ambulance volunteers receiving vaccination training, facilitating the training of urgently needed paramedics by providing London Ambulance Service with a dedicated training hub, working with HMCTS to ensure justice was served despite the global chaos by transforming one of our venues into two Nightingale Courts and also supporting the astounding work of our partner charity First Love Foundation, despite our own struggles. Therefore, we are honoured that we have been recognised for our community support during Covid-19.

Best Catering at a London Venue Award

With a strong emphasis on quality, sustainability and exceeding clients’ expectations, we consider our food offering to be one of our USPs. We have an extremely talented Executive Head Chef, whose creativity and passion for food enables us to consistently deliver outstanding catering for our clients, no matter what challenges come our way.

We saw the pandemic as an opportunity to completely revolutionise the way we operate our food services, implementing a vast array of safety measures and protocols (many of which will remain in place even after the pandemic has faded).

We developed a range of Covid-Safe catering options for our clients to choose from, to cater for differing needs. As a result, we’re still able to offer clients the same quality and flexibility that they are used to and have managed to achieve highly positive feedback and praise about our food offering from clients. Due to the resounding success, we even expanded into providing external catering for private outdoor events. So we are thrilled to have been recognised for our catering services.

What it Means to Us

After finding out that we have been shortlisted for the awards, our CEO Caroline Bull commented:

“I am delighted to learn that we have been shortlisted for three awards at this year’s London Venue & Catering Awards. It has been a very difficult 18 months for CCT Venues but we are proud of how we have weathered the storm and stayed true to our company’s core values throughout. From our leadership style to our catering offering and community support – these three award categories reflect our ongoing dedication to our staff, our clients and our wider community.”

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