Setting the stage for memorable meetings: Intimate Camden conference space

Camden Lock meeting room: A small meeting space in the heart of Smithfield

Welcome to our Camden Lock meeting room, where flexibility meets professionalism in an intimate atmosphere. Nestled near the historic Smithfield Markets, our venue offers more than just a space – it’s a catalyst for inspired discussions and seamless collaborations.

  • Flexible: Intimately sized yet highly flexible, transform the space to suit your needs
  • Professional: Tailored for success, our small space maximises productivity
  • Convenient: Near the Smithfield Markets, enjoy easy access in the heart of everything

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    Discover the power of intimate gatherings at our Camden Lock meeting room, a professional setting within our  Smithfield venue, primed to inspire innovation and drive productivity for up to 15 attendees

    Camden Lock Meeting Space: Your Backdrop for Private Events

    Named after the vibrant allure of Camden Town, our Camden Lock meeting room lives up to its legacy. Intimate yet impactful, adaptable yet productive, this is a small meeting space with tremendous impact.

    Personalised, focused and intuitively designed layouts help enhance productivity and foster deeper connections – a promise we deliver on at CCT Venues. Despite its modest size, our meeting room comfortably accommodates between 10-14 attendees, seamlessly adapting for executive board meetings, strategic brainstorming sessions, or training workshops.

    Amenities In our Unique London Meeting Rooms

    Discover the array of modern amenities awaiting you at our Camden Lock meeting room, designed to elevate your meeting experience for you and your guests.

    • Catering: Don’t do business on an empty stomach. Indulge in diverse food options, from energising breakfast assortments to gourmet lunches and dietary-friendly dinners.
    • Tailored packages: Simplify your meeting experience with packages covering refreshments and meals, team-building activities and entertainment, allowing you to focus solely on your agenda.
    • Cutting-edge amenities: Elevate meetings with cutting-edge A/V equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, and premium presentation tools, ensuring seamless discussions and impactful presentations.

    Fuel your success in an environment crafted for productivity and satisfaction – because your meetings matter to us.

    Small Meeting Rooms: London’s Gateway to Convenience

    Choosing a convenient location is known to help improve attendance. After all, who wants to go to a meeting that’s impossible to get to? Our Camden Lock meeting room is placed to help you navigate London with ease:

    • Accessibility: 5 minutes’ walk from Farringdon and Barbican stations, and 1 stop from King’s Cross, our venue ensures effortless access for attendees, minimising travel hassle and maximising time.
    • Strategic location: Situated amidst the vibrant streets of Smithfield, our meeting room is within a stone’s throw from historic landmarks and modern amenities, providing the perfect blend of inspiration and convenience for your gatherings.
    • Surroundings: Embrace the allure of Smithfield’s offerings—be it post-meeting strolls or networking over local restaurants – immersing yourself in the dynamic energy of this iconic district.

    Accessibility meets prime location, ensuring your meetings are seamlessly connected to the heartbeat of London, fostering inspiration at every turn.

    Secure your small-scale meeting room in London

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    Streamlining your reservation process, our team ensures small meeting room hire in London is simple, promising a successful event. Looking to learn more about all our spaces? Click here.

    Hear success stories about our Camden conference room

    Explore firsthand experiences! Dive into testimonials from thrilled clients who've experienced the magic of Camden Lock meeting room. Get inspired by their success stories and discover how our space has elevated their meetings and events.

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    Exceeding Expectations: Small Venues, Big Impact

    Discover the wealth of advantages of booking a modestly-sized venue like Camden Lock meeting room, where small spaces foster big ideas and impactful gatherings.

    • Versatile spaces: Our conference spaces offer versatile setups, catering to diverse conference styles, ensuring each event is tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s a large corporate gathering or an intimate seminar.
    • State-of-the-art technology: From cutting-edge A/V equipment to seamless connectivity, our space is equipped with the latest technology to amplify presentations, discussions, and collaboration during your event.
    • Inspiring ambiance: Immerse your attendees in an environment that sparks creativity and innovation, fostering engagement and interaction that drives the success of your conference.

    At our Camden Lock meeting room, your conferences transcend the ordinary, embracing flexibility, technology, and an inspiring ambiance to ensure a successful and impactful event.

    Customer Support: Guiding You Every Step of the Way

    Rest assured, our dedicated customer support team stands by to assist you throughout the booking process.

    From initial inquiries to finalising details, we are committed to providing prompt assistance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience as you secure our intimate Camden conference space for your upcoming event. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you at every turn.