MiaList 2021

After success in 2019 with our CEO, Caroline Bull securing a place on the coveted miaList, we are extremely proud to announce that James Russ our Operations Director has bagged himself a spot on the miaList 2021!

The miaList recognises the top 10 accomplished individuals that stand out within the meetings, hospitality and events industry for consistently going above and beyond the call of duty.

Now that he has had some time to digest the news and to celebrate the win, we caught up with James to find out how he was feeling…

Hi James, how did you come about to be nominated for the MiaList this year?

I was nominated by Caroline who I have worked with for 14 years now, so it was a very nice surprise to me nominated.

How did you feel when you won?

It was quite daunting as it was a complete surprise and I was called up first so it was all a bit of a blur. It was an absolute high to have won. Along with all of the other winners, you are up against some incredibly talented people from our industry who have all done an excellent job, particularly with everything that has happened in 2020-2021, so just being shortlisted for the award was an achievement in itself.

What did the judges say was behind their decision to award you a place on the MiaList 2021?

The judges were particularly impressed with how I had grown with the business and all the different roles I had held. They commented on all of the challenges that I had adapted to and that I was always willing to assist in anything that would push the business forward and ensure its success long term. There were plenty of examples to do with the Covid-19 pandemic, as being an SME we had a lot to navigate and deal with through a lot of uncertainty.

What motivates you to go above and beyond the call of duty?

We are a customer service business and putting the customer at the forefront of everything we do is central. With this, client’s needs and requirements change and you also have to move with them. This makes this industry fast paced and exciting, which is what motivates me. However, you cannot achieve anything without a strong team of people around you and I am incredibly motivated to make sure that all of the employees at CCT Venues enjoy working for us and that we are an employer that people want to work for.

What has been the highlight of 2021 so far for you?

Seeing our team members and clients returning and receiving incredible feedback from them. This demonstrates that face to face interactions are more important and precious than I think many people realised pre-pandemic. I was also incredibly proud to work with HMCTS in opening the Nightingale Court at Barbican. It was an exciting project and a completely new experience.

What is it about the events industry that you’re so passionate about?

Anyone who is asked the question will say the people. Events can only be great as a result of the people attending them and the team of people that help deliver them. You don’t go into hospitality unless you like being around people. I like working with so many different talented people and I have been lucky enough to do this nationally and Internationally and there aren’t many jobs where you get the opportunity to do that!

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