Top Tips on Booking Training Rooms

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Top Tips on Booking Training Rooms

When it comes to booking a venue, there are multiple factors you need to consider to ensure you find the right space, so we have put together our top tips on booking training rooms. 

We have put together a list of important questions you need to ask when booking a venue. When you find a venue that meets all of these requirements (cough cough) you can relax, assured that the venue of choice will cater for all your needs, leaving you to concentrate on the training at hand.

Is the venue experienced at hosting training events?

Training events come in many different styles and sizes. It’s important to make sure that the venue you choose not only has the right rooms but the right teams to bring your vision to life. Ask the venue what types of events they are used to hosting, and whether there are specialists in-house that know how to coordinate training events.

What are the transport links?

How long will it take for your delegates to get to the venue from the key London hubs? Liverpool Street, Euston, Kings Cross St Pancras and London Bridge are all important rail stations in the city.

Where is your room located in the venue, and how close is it to the key services?

Think of toilets, breakout zones, coffee space- these should all be on the same floor or as close to your meeting room as possible. Your delegates will benefit from having everything close by. All our venues are kitted with refreshment zones on each floor so there are always plenty of opportunities.

What budget would you like to work towards?

Be honest with your sales executive when booking space. We recently published a post about how to book cheaper rooms without needing to negotiate – click here to get some more handy tips.

Does the room fit with your training?

Spacious rooms with natural daylight, good AV and comfy seats are all important when running a training course. This is all standard at any main room that you book at CCT Venues. We also have a range of breakout rooms that delegates can use that are never too far away from their main space. When booking with CCT Venues, whatever you plan for your event, you are always welcome for a site visit to the venue to check the room and get familiar with the team.

What set up should the room be in?

From our years of extensive experience, we know that if your course requires lots of interaction with delegates that a cabaret style set-up is best. This allows delegates to be seated around groups of tables. If you need your delegates to concentrate and take notes or work on laptops, then a classroom style (rows of tables with chairs) is advised.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to interact on a more personal level with your delegates, a U-Shape style is advised (whereby all your delegates will sit around a table formed to the shape of a ‘U’, with the trainer seated at the middle). Sometimes training is done best without any tables or formal set up, other times it’s best delivered around rows of chairs. Whatever you’re planning for your event, our experience events teams at CCT Venues will be able to advise you on the best formation for your day.

What kind of support will be available to you before, during and after the event?

Check with your venue how your event will be coordinated for you, and who that person will be. At CCT Venues, you will be allocated a dedicated Events Executive who will look after your event from start to completion. This will start from the contractual stage, through to your Executive planning the logistics of the event for you, then being onsite on the day to make sure everything you need is there for you, right up to the invoicing of the event after you’re gone.

Check what the venue will provide for you complimentary

Most venues should tell you what you’re entitled to as part of your package. With all our room rates, you will always have complimentary water, sweets, stationery and Wi-Fi, and basic AV in whatever room you choose to book. We can also store your delegate packs for you in-house over a series of bookings so you won’t need to carry them with you and for a small extra charge pre-print your course materials.

Speak to a member of our team now to have a chat with us about how we can host your next training event at CCT Venues.